Festival International Nuits d'Afrique - Compilation 2016

30e édition World Music

For this historic edition, an awesome compilation!

For this anniversary edition, discover the new revelations of world music through the vintage Afro-funk of Vaudou Game, the fiery cumbia of the Mexican Institute of Sound, the progressive blended Mandinka of BKO Quintet, and the haunting, luminous voice of Yael Naim. The monuments that have marked world music in the last three decades will also be present. Rediscover the Cubans of the emblematic Orquesta Aragon, the Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars and their traditional melodies with Reggae inflections and much more!

More than ever, this compilation reflects the mythical, bold and avant-garde character of the festival!


  • Ref: AFR2-2130
  • Style: World Music
  • Year: 2016

Track listing:

  • 1. SIERRA LEONE'S REFUGEE ALL STARS - Manjalagi, extrait de l'album Libation
  • 2. ELIDA ALMEIDA - Lebam Ku Bo, extrait de l'album Ora Doci Ora Margos
  • 3. DABY TOURÉ - Oma, extrait de l'album Amonafi
  • 4. BKO QUINTET - Strange Wassolon, extrait de l'album Bamako Today
  • 5. NOMADIC MASSIVE - Any Sound, extrait de l'album The Big Band Theory
  • 6. GREN SEMÉ - Zordi, extrait de l'album Grèn Sémé
  • 7. MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND - Cumbia, extrait de l'album Soy Sauce
  • 8. YAEL NAIM - Dream in my head, extrait de l'album Older
  • 9. MEIWAY - Miss Lolo
  • 10. K'KOUSTIK - Gwadloupéyen, extrait de l'album Son tracé
  • 11. LES ORGRES DE BARBACK - Vous m'emmerdez !, extrait de l'album Vous m’emmerdez !
  • 12. VAUDOU GAME - Pas contente, extrait de l'album Apiafo
  • 13. KAREYCE FOTSO - Messa, extrait de l'album Mokte
  • 14. ORQUESTA ARAGON - Caserita Villarena, extrait de l'album En route
  • 15. ANA ALCAIDE - Khun Caravan, extrait de l'album La Cantiga del Fuego

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