32nd edition World music

The compilation disc featuring artists from the 32nd edition of the Festival International Nuits d’Afrique takes you on a musical journey that circles the globe, just like world music itself: diverse, contemporary and unrestrained by borders. 

From the Mandinka rythms of Prince Diabaté to the Afro-futurism of AfrotroniX, not to mention the Afrobeat of Femi Kuti or the bossa-muffin of Flavia Coelho, this compilation bundles an enticing array of musical nuggets that are as exciting and intoxicating as they are danceable and festive!

  • Ref: #AFR2-2139
  • Style: World music
  • Year: 2018

Track listing:

  • 1. LADAMA - Porro Maracatu, from the album Ladama
  • 2. VOTIA - Lo Ker Maloya, from the album Ansoumak
  • 3. FEMI KUTI - Dem Militarise Democracy, from the album One People, One world
  • 4. DJAZIA SATOUR - Ida, from the album ASWÂT
  • 5. PRINCE DIABATÉ - Laplaya (Hommage à Laplaya), from the album Djerelon
  • 6. NAÂMAN - I'm alright, from the album Beyond
  • 7. MEKLIT - I want to sing for them all, from the album When the people move, the music moves too
  • 8. DICKO FILS - Issa Gabon
  • 9. GABACHO MAROC - Baraka, from the album Tawassol
  • 10. FLAVIA COELHO - Mulher, from the album Sonho Real
  • 11. NOUBI - Nanela, from the album Couleur Terre
  • 12. POIRIER - Sowia Feat Samito, from the album Be Alright
  • 13. AFROTRONIX - Zaala (Feat Seydina N), from the album NomadiX
  • 14. WAILING TREES - Djamae, from the album Change We Need