Christine Atallah


Biography :

Nicknamed « the rebel diva », Christine Atallah suddenly passed away on october 29th, 2011.

Born to a conservative family, Christine Atallah had to struggle to engage in her great passion, singing. Determined to continue, she managed to become a soloist in several choirs and was noticed by Margaret Khalil, a singer in New York’s Metropolitan Opera, who offered to give her classes. This was the start of a great story.

She obtained a grant to continue her training in Milan and had the opportunity to sing in Verdi’s Aïda, performed in the world’s great stadiums. There followed a number of assignments in film and on the international stage. Her performances included the original sound track of Jésus de Montréal, a film by Denys Arcand.

During these years, a musical alliance was forged with Canadian composer John Winiarz. Since their meeting, Christine has inspired and performed more than 12 of his works, including several world premières. She also studied and danced with Gabrielle Taylor of Manhattan Motion Dance on Broadway, an experience that made Christine an accomplished performer.

In 2003, she founded the group Les Bassalindos with François Lalonde on drums and Mathieu Tessier and Danny McLaughlin on guitars. Their music is a cosmopolitan mix combining East and West, along with Latino, jazz and Arab elements, a musical style blending oud, violins, Arab percussions, drums, brass and guitars. Most of their repertory was written by Christine Atallah and Danny McLaughlin. Their first album, Escapades, came out in 2006 with the participation of various artists including Jésus El Niño Perez, Roberto Torres, Oscar D'Leon, Ricardo Lemvo and Hussein El-Emam.

Whether performing alone or accompanied, Christine Atallah uses her velvety voice in English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Italian to bring her audiences along on a gentle and enchanting journey.


Christine Atallah

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