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Biography :

Faris Amine Bottazzi was born to an Italian father and an Algerian Tuareg mother. It’s not so surprising that his music reflects his identity: mixed. He followed his father around several countries after his mother died, familiarizing him both with western culture and with the Tamasheq culture of the Tuaregs. But geographic distance from the latter only strengthened the ties that bound him to it. As a teenager, he listened to Jimi Hendrix, giving him a desire to learn the guitar. With the great success of the Tamasheq group Tinariwen, he rediscovered his maternal culture. His mixed origins, western and Saharan, make him unique on the Tuareg scene.

In 2010, he recorded Imeslan N Essouf, an initial single, in collaboration with the group Terakaft on the Reaktion label, which works closely with many Saharan artists. Faris performed with this group as a soloist at the 2012 Festival au Désert in Mali. In addition to collaborations with these groups, tours and appearances in compilations made him known to a wider audience. In 2015, he recorded his first album, Mississippi to Sahara.

Sedryk, the founder of the Reaktion label (which records Saharan artists, including Tinariwen and Terakaft), had the idea for this album. He suggested that Faris adapt old Mississippi rural blues to the Tuareg style. The artist, who until then had exploited only his Tamasheq side in his music, finally found the opportunity to join his love for American blues with his Saharan culture, showing along the way just how much the blues have their roots among the Tuaregs. The blues resonate perfectly with the assouf style, referring to exile and estrangement. Faris rewrites words in Tamasheq and also plays both acoustic and electric guitar, providing sensitive interpretations filled with emotion. The album was recorded in three day to remain in the ascetic spirit of the blues, also benefiting from the distinguished collaboration of the old bluesman Leo Bud Welch on two pieces. 


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