Grupo Fantasma

Amérique latine

Biography :

The year 2000 saw the start, in the United States, of one of the Latin music groups that is currently most in vogue, Grupo Fantasma. Just a year later, their first disc appeared, titled …  Grupo Fantasma.

Starting with their first album, the group asserted its style: a blend of Latin and North American musical genres and beats made for dancing, travelling or simply pleasing the ears and the morale. Their pieces have tastes of salsa, cumbia and remodelled funk, along with African influences. It’s impossible to avoid being swept away!

In 2004, the group continued along its way and brought out the album Movimiento popular. Two years later, the next one followed: Comes alive. Their fame was spreading beyond the American continent, and they embarked on European tours. But their success was just beginning. In 2008, the disc Sonidos Gold was nominated for a Grammy Award and, two years later, supreme recognition finally arrived with El Existential, issued on the Nat Geo Music label: Grupo Fantasma won its first Grammy. A giant tour then took them from Austin, their city of origin, to the stages of many jazz festivals: New Orleans, North Sea (Netherlands), Coachella (London), Womex (Copenhagen) and others.

The group has become renowned for its energy on stage, the talent of its musicians, and its ease in mixing genres, with a proven maturity after a decade spent together.

Grupo Fantasma

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