Kareyce Fotso

Cameroun World music

Biography :

Kareyce Fotso was born in Cameroon’s Bamileke country and was raised among the Beti people. Following successful studies in biochemistry and advanced audio-visual techniques, she earned the right to devote herself to her passion, singing. She began at cabarets in Yaoundé and became a backup singer. She made herself noticed in Erik Aliana’s Korongo Jam group for her stage presence and her outstanding voice.

In France, in connection with her “Visas pour le creation” residency (May to July 2009), she worked under the artistic direction of François Kokelaere who, among other things, led Guineau’s Ensemble National des Percussions and enabled the Guinean group Wofa to perform all over the world. From this encounter emerged a solo show in which Kareyce Fotso, accompanied herself on guitar, offered lovely melodies, with blues or heavier beats, that brought out the full magnitude of her voice.

In 2010, an initial CD, Kwegne, was issued, followed by solo tours that earned her great recognition.


Kareyce Fotso

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