Les Frères Guissé


Biography :

This soft folk rubs up against sensitive acoustic guitars, with harmonica notes drifting in the wind, the pulse of a discreet percussion and the enveloping voices of three brothers.

Djiby, Cheikh and Alioune. Three brothers, three talents, three personalities, together for the best of Senegalese Peulh music. It all began in the early 1980s, when they were still at school. Djiby joined the group Jiw Bagne (Seed of Refusal) as a singer. This group, consisting mostly of high school students, stood out for its highly committed lyrics against the existing power structure. Two years later, these students settled down and became Jamm (Peace).
This was when he transmitted the virus of music to his two brothers. Cheikh became a back-up singer and Alioune a percussionist. They then discovered clubs, deepened their musical learning, moved with various styles and were part of several groups. During these years, all three of them learned to play the guitar.
In 1991, Diby and Cheikh decided to launch their own group. They were joined by their brother Alioune two years later, and the Guissé brothers trio was finally complete. Their first album came out in 1995, a cassette titled Fama. Their eponymous song was a great hit in Dakar. In 1998 and 2000, there was the same enthusiasm after their second and third albums came out, Ciré (1998) and Ndèye (2000).
Their music, derived from Peulh traditions, has a large place for acoustics. Their folk accents blend the gentleness of song and guitars with the of percussions. This recipe, much appreciated in Dakar clubs, soon moved beyond borders. The 2000s were years of worldwide touring. During this period, they recorded a new album, this time an international one: Yakaar (2008), thanks in particular to support from the French group Les Têtes Raides. Since then, they have given a number of concerts in Africa, Europe and on the American continent.


Les Frères Guissé

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