Magiq Color Band

Côte d'Ivoire, Québec Afro Reggae Rock

Biography :

Magiq Color Band is the encounter between two worlds separated by an ocean:  a culture that has its roots in the ancestral tradition, and the other world, as prophesied the promised land, commonly called Nouevau Monde. Afro Reggae Rock is a coated trans-roots-rock attitude of an urban ghetto style and happy rock. This is the White and the Black, who, in the end, tell universal stories: love, life with its joys and tears, belonging, surrender, hope, strength to overcome. Magiq Color Band took shape in 2013 in Quebec City, following the meeting between Karim (voice, Ivory Coast) and Patrice (guitar, Quebec), followed by Hector (bass, Venezuela). They will be joined by Benoît (drums, Quebec), Bayo (djembe, Burkina Faso) and Neto (classical guitar, Brazil) to form the current Magiq Color Band. In 2014 they released their first album, "Resurrection".

Magiq Color Band

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