Max Bananaz


Biography :

How can the undefinable be defined? This question comes up when seeking to describe the music of Max Bananaz. Off its rocker? Crazy? Psychedelic? Evil? Extraterrestrial? Perhaps a little of each, when you get right down to it.

On stage, they come to life with such energy that they leave no room for questions. Their aim is to get the audience dancing until they drop. Using rock and roll, Cajun and Latin beats, the 11 musicians forming Max Bananaz offer a style of music marked by fiery rhythms, with arrangements by Maxime Bouchard, not to mention the costumes and stage effects.

Founded late in the last decade, this Montreal-based group blends varied talents from the worlds of music, theatre and dance, all specialists in numerous musical styles and all confirmed on the international scene. This is where this group’s great wealth lies, with diverse backgrounds to produce an explosive result.

The members of Max Bananaz are:

  • Maxime “Maxbanana” Bouchard (bass, guitar, piano, percussions, vocals)
  • Rémi “GiguaNana” Giguère (guitar, percussions)
  • Alix “Babalix” Noël (accordion, piano, vocals)
  • Guillaume “Babagui” Larouche (saxophone)
  • Étienne “Tibanana” Lebel (trombone)
  • Némo “Venbaba” Vendette Babin (trumpet, drums, percussions, accordion, vocals) 
  • Pierre-Emmanuel “BabaPapa” Poizat (saxophone, clarinet, vocals, percussions) 
  • Lisa “Babalili” Shalom (percussions, vocals) 
  • Nadia “Bananina” Essadiqi (percussions, vocals) 
  • Marc-André “Tappâlà” Pételle (snare drum, percussions) 
  • Pierre-Luc “Taplatzululu” Bégin (drums, piano, vocals)
  • Blanche “Bananette” Baillargeon (bass, double bass, percussions)

The Max Bananaz musicians have shared the stage with an array of artists including Kumpa’Nia, Bobby Cotton, Juan Sebastian Larobina, Matthieu Lippé, Cordâme, Bombolessé, Namori, Bambara Trans, Heavy Sound, J’tam, Fanfare Pourpour, Tomàs Jensen, Labess, Bourask, Champion and His G-Strings, and Marco Calliari.

Max Bananaz

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