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Biography :

Nomfusi was born in the South African countryside, in Cape Province. With her father in prison for more than 20 years, her mother raised her alone, initiating her in traditional Sangoma rituals combining caring, dance and music. Nomfusi eagerly took part in performances. Unfortunately, at age 12, Nomfusi lost her mother to AIDS. She was then taken in by an aunt, who also died prematurely of AIDS. Mistreated by her new foster family, Nomfusi sought refuge with her brother in Cape Town.
But Nomfusi decided to fight. Throughout these years, subjected to various hardships, she did not waste her time. She set about writing lyrics, the first of which. Uthando (Amour) were composed for her mother’s funeral. And when she arrived in Cape Town, barely speaking English, she managed to get hired at a restaurant, both serving and singing.
In late 2007, while singing in the church in her township church, she was picked out and offered a bursary at Vivacious Voice, an academy of song and writing in Cape Town. At an end-of-school concert, she was hired by Universal Music, with which she signed in May 2009. In the preceding months, she had already begun performing in prestigious venues such as the Cape Town International Jazz Festival or at the Miriam Makeba Medley, in February 2009. A nightmare had turned into a fairy tale.
On this road to success, Nomfusi has been accompanied since the start by six musicians, The Lucky Charms. Together, they offer a music that is faithful to African traditions but open to gospel, rock, R&B and early Motown – a crossing of styles, periods and musical worlds. During 2009, out the first album by the princess and her six horsemen, Kwazibani (Who knows?), came out. In the summer they are beginning a tour of Canada, the United States and Europe.


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