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Zebda, a group from the French city of Toulouse, got started in the early 1990s. Magyd Cherfi, Pascal Cabero and Joël Saurin were performing as actors in the filming of Salah, Malik: Beurs, a production by the Toulouse association Vitécri recounting the adventures of young musicians in search of a home. The fictional musical group became a reality after the filming, growing with the arrival of Mustapha and Hakim Amokrane, Vincent Sauvage and, later, Rémi Sanchez. 

Their style is defined by a skilful mingling of several musical influences: punk, reggae and rock. Starting in 1995, the album Le bruit et l’odeur set them on the road to success. Quoting a phrase from then French President Jacques Chirac on the subject of immigrants, the album’s name and title track proclaimed the group’s social and political commitment. 

In 1999, Zebda gained lasting public recognition with Tomber la chemise, which became a generational hit. A year later, Zebda walked away with the top group and top song titles at the Victoires de la Musique ceremony and at the NRJ Music Awards.

The group is known for taking political positions alongside their involvement in the activist group Tactikollectif, with many of their creations showing the scope of their convictions: versions of the song Bella Ciao and Le chant des partisans, the album Second tour during the 2012 French presidential election, a reiteration of Jaurès by Jacques Brel and the song Motivé-e-s, sharing the name of a citizens’ movement they initiated in 2001, not to mention Une vie de moins, a song that got a polemic started on living conditions in Gaza. 

Starting in 2003, various members of Zebda set out on solo journeys, to avoid exhausting the creativity of the group as such. This pause lasted only a short time: they began collaborating again in 2009 and returned to the stage in 2011. After clearly succeeding in their comeback in 2012 with Second tour, they returned to their old ways: in 2014, the album Comme des Cherokees brought out their musical generosity, energy and commitment.



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