El Son Sonó

July 18, 2018 - 06:30 PM

Price: FREE

TD - Radio-Canada stage

H2X 1Z6

Description of the concert:

Smiling brass instruments, playful percussions and cheerful guitars. From Peruvian waltz to salsa, from rumba to cumbia, from festejo to jazz, the music of El Son Sono is a festival in itself.

El Son Sonó (Perou)

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Biography of the artist:

El Son Sonó is a group founded in Montreal in 2017 composed of 7 musicians from several musical styles, lead by the miscegenation of singers and their roots from Peru. Being brother and sister Elodie and Tito grew up in Quebec with their father who shares the culture of South America. Over time they have become more and more perfect in the musical spirit of the Peruvian waltzes with rumba ...

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