Frank Feutré + invités

September 20, 2018 - 09:00 PM

Price: 10 $

Club Balattou

4372 boul St-Laurent (corner Marie-Anne) Montréal,QC H2W 1Z5


Description of the concert:

Contrary to what his name would suggest, Frank Feutré is not a person, but a cosmopolitan formation in the image of his city, Montreal, which brings together two Canadian, an American and two French.

Frank Feutré mixes the American tradition (folk, rock, soul) and French song, without neglecting his love for the prog rock and West African music. The result is a delicate and rough, aerial and dense sound, which is an effective and sensitive vehicle of haunting melodies supported by rich vocal harmonies.

Frank Feutré's songs serve as a setting for the poetic writing of his founder, Benjamin Bleuez, in French and sometimes in Swahili or English, and whose love of words nourishes lyrics chiselled like sound gems. Among his influences, Benjamin Bleuez readily cites Lewis Carroll, Serge Gainsbourg, Robert Wyatt, Alain Bashung, King Crimson, Bobby Lapointe, Neu and Otis Redding – as long as such a list makes sense. To sum up, Frank Feutré is a Montreal group of « la relève francophone ».

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