HK - L'empire de papier

October 31, 2017 - 08:30 PM

Price: 20 $

Club Balattou

4372 boul St-Laurent (corner Marie-Anne) Montréal,QC H2W 1Z5


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Description of the concert:

«HK & l’Empire de Papier»(En concert) 

After his coming to Québec in 2012 (Festival international de la chanson francophone of Granby; Festival Nuits d'Afrique of Montreal), HK is back this fall 2017 to give a show preview to present his new album!
His performance is a blend of love, caring and humanity...
HK offers us his poetic verve, his commitment and this powerful energy which sharpen his mixed music with her world, blues, folk and reggae accents.


«My grandfather was a 'french poilu' (a soldier) in First World War. My mother and my father were Algerian immigrants who made the great journey from the Kabylie Mountains to the Roubaix cobblestones of France. And I....I'm a (simple street performer) 'saltimbanque'. »

That is how Hadadi Kaddour defines himself, a.k.a. HK, born in 1976, in one of Roubaix's poor neighbourhoods. Son of a fruit and vegetable vendor, as a young child he went with his father to the markets. Wearing his blue apron and cap, he performed tap dancing numbers to amuse the clientele; it was his first on stage experience in a way.

At 15, HK is struck by the hip hop revolution. He establishes his first band: 'Juste Cause', and tastes his first real professional experiences on stage. Then he founds a second band: 'Piece of Salam', with whom he performs, blazing through every venue, in the region of Lille.

In 2005, with 'Said', his devoted righthand man, he founds a band with a revolution in mind: MAP (le Ministère des Affaires Populaires), hip hop with an accordeon, a violin, and a fierce determination to represent the everyman from this region of workers, people from diverse origins, of modest means but full of warmth and generosity. They would bring home the prize «Révélation du printemps de Bourges» in 2006. To the fervour that ensued, they would release their first album, 'Debout là-d'dans', followed by a second album in 2008, 'Les bronzés font du du ch’ti.'

In 2009, HK, feeling the desire to imbue his music with the colour of song, of world music, of reggae, launches a solo career...well not exactly! He founds the band 'HK et les saltimbanques', with virtuoso musicians : Jeoffrey Arnone (accordeon) who played in M.A.P, Meddhy Ziouche (mandole), Manuel Paris and Jimmy Lo (guitar), Seb-Big Cat (drum), Eric Janson (basse) et Saïd Zarouri (actor). Three albums will be born.

In 2011 'Citoyen du monde' is released, featuring the iconic 'On lâche rien', a song used in demonstrations and social protests, as well as in the movie: 'La vie d'Adèle'.In 2012, 'Les temps modernes', features another iconic track from the band: 'Indignez-vous', in tribute to Stéphane Hessel.

In 2015, he finds his pen again, and together with his 'saltimbanques', HK launches his 4th album: 'Rallumeurs d'étoiles.' The title is inspired by the french poet Appollinaire who wrote: 'Il est grand temps de rallumer les étoiles.' (It is about time to light the stars again). The album is like a tribute to all those anonymous people who keep the light alive, who, in dark times, by some small gesture, a commitment, a creation, maintain a common spark. Songs for today and tomorrow, like the song 'Rallumeurs d'étoiles' in which the chorus is sung by the band member's children.

In 2009 and 2016, the band tours through France and around Europe, twice to the USA ((Chicago, New-York, Madison, Detroit), and to Quebec (Montréal - Festival Nuits d'Afrique, Granby - Festival International de la Chanson de Granby).

Impassioned by poetry and writing, HK begins a parallel career as a writer and in 2012, publishes his first novel with autobiographical accents: 'J'écris donc j'existe', then a second novel to follow two years later, 'Néapolis'. In 2017, he publishes his third novel: 'Le Coeur à l'outrage.'

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