July 21, 2013 - 08:15 PM

Price: FREE

TD - Radio-Canada stage

H2X 1Z6

Description of the concert:

With their music based around reggae, funk, soul, Afrobeat, jazz and pop inflection, they dip into Chadian traditions. But what is most striking, attractive and bewitching about them are their voices – fluid, harmonized, flirting with gospel. Powerful! 

H’Sao (Chad / Quebec)

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Biography of the artist:

  H’Sao means the Swallow of the Sao, the people who were the ancestors of present-day Chadians. The group’s origin is presented in its name: the musicians in H’Sao come from N’Djamena, the Chadian capital, a vast country located between the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa. The group was formed in the 1990s, initially to sing in churches. Their first trip to Canada occurred in ...

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