Stella Gonis

July 23, 2017 - 05:00 PM

Price: FREE

TD - Radio-Canada stage

H2X 1Z6

Description of the concert:

A singer and dancer, Stella Gonis is also a tambouyée, a player ofbèlè, from the name of the musical genre for which this drum is used to set the beat. With her sublime voice, rich and generous, she moves with energy and charisma between traditional and contemporary forms of this style, deeply rooted in the history of Martinique.

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Stella Gonis (Martinique)

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Biography of the artist:

A singer, dancer and player of the bèlè drum, the traditional music of Martinique – Stella Gonis is all this and more. She grew up in Martinique, nurtured by the ancestral beats of the Samaritaine des Mornes des Esses countryside. Her career began in local choirs, where she performed a classical and operatic repertory.She later enrolled in the Institut de Formation aux Arts du Spectacle, where ...

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