TokaTaNoka & Ihtimanska

October 02, 2018 - 09:00 PM

Price: 10 $

Club Balattou

4372 boul St-Laurent (corner Marie-Anne) Montréal,QC H2W 1Z5


Description of the concert:

TokaTaNoka is a folk music duo with a strong Basque influence. Multi-instrumentalist and singer Maider Martineau, from the Basque Country, meets Olivier Bussières, a percussionist from Quebec specialized in Middle Eastern instruments and various tambourine techniques. Accordion combines with pandero, alboka with voice, frame drum, and so on... They play original compositions, as well as personal arrangements of traditional pieces.


The saxophonis Ariane Morin and the accordéoniste Yoni Kaston  play folkloriques and urban musics from Bulgaria and Turkey. Together, those two musicians create a unique music and colorful. They are coming with their second album "Yüz Yüze" (face to face)

"So much work, effort, understanding, respect and fun has gone into this captivating, uplifting release. Great work by great musicians!"  Whole Note, Toronto.  

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TokaTaNoka (France / QC)

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Biography of the artist:

TokaTaNoka, is the meeting of two accomplice musicians from "here" and "there", in 2015. "Here", the Quebec, where the percussionist Olivier Bussières discovers the techniques of various tambourines and decides to go to Israel to study in-depth the Riqq. "There", the Basque Country, where Maider Martineau grew up between polyphonic singing and dance, and learned the trikitixa: local diatonic ...

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