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Abdel Kadiri


Biography :

Born in the Moroccan city of Meknès in 1981, Abdel Kadiri is a lyricist and composer who has stood out by adapting lyrics in Darjia (spoken Moroccan Arabic) to house musical styles without the mixture being hard to swallow.

His talent was developed at an early age. The youngest in a family of music-lovers, he displayed qualities since childhood that his brother Bader, a confirmed musician and instrumentalist, could not help but notice, and he featured young Abdel in artistic performances on various holidays and at private celebrations.

With the reputation he developed in his home town, Abdel decided to go into the world of arts. He chose to do this by seeking academic training that he completed successfully at the Audio Recording Academy in Canada. 

It was in Montréal that he fully revealed his abilities, first as an artistic producer for various local artists and then in a solo career in which he has produced numerous clips and recorded several albums. With his modern style, increasingly recognized internationally, Abdel provides lively, innovative music.

Known as “the chameleon” in his network of artists, his versatility lets his audiences enjoy a musicality that reaches every age group. A prolific artist, Abdel is working on his eighth album. In 2017, he won the Syli d’Or worldwide Afropop award as well as an honourable mention in the Syli d’Or. In short, we have not finished hearing about Abdel Kadiri and his radiant world music!

Abdel Kadiri


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