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Ahau Marino

Biography :


Finding the essence of Mexican music and bringing together African, indigenous and European roots to continue along the ancestors’ musical routes – such is the desire of Ahau Marino, a young Mexican musician and now a Montrealer.

Born in the city of Acapulco in Guerrero state, Ahau Marino first studied song and classical guitar and then flamenco, reggae, bossa samba, traditional jazz and Jarocho son. This last musical style, now a century old, comes from the state of Veracruz and is fully representative of the varied origins of Mexican music, perfectly blending its Latin American, European and African roots. This is a source of wealth that Ahau Marino aims above all to share.

A key word: knowing to share better 

Wishing to discover new styles and to enhance his knowledge of ancestral Mexican styles, Ahau Marino began his musical studies in 2000. He started his career in his native country and then decided to leave for Montréal, arriving in 2012. 

This young artist excels at guitar and has surrounded himself with varied instruments: saxophone, flamenco guitar, bass, electric guitar, trumpet and percussions. His group’s current members are Sergio Barrenechea, percussionist and drummer, Mathieu Langlois, saxophonist and flamenco guitarist, Rachel Therrien, trumpeter and percussionist, and Marino Vázquez, bass player, guitarist and percussionist. This is a fine group with varied origins, like their music with its many blends.

The musical fusion the group creates is an invitation to travel and sharing, a concentrated form of energy. On stage, their pleasure is contagious, whether they are playing Ahau Marino’s compositions or classic pieces. A budding artist to be discovered!


Ahau Marino
Mexique / Québec
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