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Aldo Guizmo


Biography :

Aldo Guizmo is a young artist born in Guadeloupe. His varied musical universe reflects the warmth and spiciness of the French West Indies where he was born. Influenced by different styles, Aldo Guizmo original creations remain focused on Caribbean music culture (Queen Ifrica, Capleton, Peter Tosh etc.) and the aim of sharing the Creole culture. He began in 2001, with the group N’o Clan. In 2005, he set up his own studio (Studio G.N.One) and released their first album in 2006. In 2008, a collaboration with Kny Factory releases a compilation “Improvisation Roots.” In 2010 Aldo Giuzmo he created his own label, Speak The Truth Production. In May 2011 he releases  “Street Album”, followed by the official video “Son La Ki Petant”, then in 2012 the album “Time Revolution”. Seeking improvement and musical discoveries, Aldo Guizmo decided to touch a more acoustic movement to introduce the Ka, a drum originated from French West Indies. Wishing to preserve his roots, he then combined percussion to the Sound System ambience. In October 2013, Aldo Guizmo releases a third album, ”Metamorphoses” a delightful mix of Reggae dancehall rhythms, Afrobeat and Ka. The same year he participated in Syli d’Or and performed at Festival Nuits d’Afrique. His inspirations are the facts news and the results of his research on the World and its secrets. His musical influences are very Caribbean’s, focused on sharing of the Creole culture.

Aldo Guizmo
Syli d'Or


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