Aldo Guizmo

Biography :


Aldo Guizmo is a young Guadeloupian artist with a varied musical background, reflecting the warmth and the spicy character of his native Caribbean. He flirts with various musical styles, so much so that he ends up creating an original form of music inspired by these different styles. But his music remains focused on Caribbean musical culture (Queen Ifrica, Capleton, Peter Tosh, etc.) and on the sharing of Creole culture.


He made his début in 2001 with the release of an initial album by the group N’o Clan. In 2005, he set up his studio (G.N.One Studio) and brought out his first item in 2006. In 2008, a collaboration with Kny Factory resulted in the compilation Improvisation Roots. In 2010, Aldo Guizmo created his label Speak The Truth Production. In May 2011, he brought out Street Album, followed by the official clip “Son La Ki Petant” and, in 2012, by the album Time Revolution.


In search of improvement and musical discoveries, Aldo Guizmo touched upon a more acoustic realm, introducing the ka, a drum from the French Caribbean. Aiming to maintain his roots, he combined percussions with the sound system ambiance. His music is an invitation to fun and celebration as well as to reflection on the committed lyrics.


In October 2013, Aldo Guizmo brought out his third album, Méthamorphose, a savoury blend of reggae dancehall beats, ka and Afrobeat. His inspirations are news items as well as the results of his research into the world and its secrets. This year, after receiving an honourable mention at the 2019 Syli d’Or, Aldo Guizmo will help us discover a more acoustic formula, rich in colours that clearly reflect the artist’s entire cosmos.

Aldo Guizmo
Guadeloupe - Qc.
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique


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