Banlieuz Art, Degg J Force 3 and King Alasko

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The Montréal audience is conveyed to Guinea in the course of an outstanding evening with the best of Guinean urban music. Four groups will be sharing the stage to get the crowd dancing, just like a Saturday night at a club in Conakry.


The pioneers of African hip-hop, Degg J Force 3, will join the pop duo Banlieuz’art, with which they recorded the single “Gbin Gbin Soo” (The Backup) in 2015 to support the national football team during the Africa Cup of Nations.


Degg J Force 3, the group created in 1997 by brothers Moussa and Ablaye M’Baye, is a multiple award-winner. Emerging from Boulbinet, Conakry’s port area, they set up their own record label, production house and recording studio. In Wolof, Degg J Force 3 refers to the three forces they seek to defend : the right, the good and the true.


Banlieuz’art, another of the evening’s headliners, serves as a mentor to pop fans. The two thirty-somethings hardly come across as suburbanites (“banlieue” is French for suburb) : Konko Malela is an ambassador’s son, and King Salaman is the son of a farmer. But their success is due precisely to this complementarity. They fill the Conakry stadium while adding yet more collaborations with other artists from the African continent.


These bands, garnering receipts from their hits over the last dozen years, urge young Guineans to stay in their country rather than risk their lives crossing the Mediterranean, a message publicized with outlays of hundreds of thousands of euros by the European Union though the International Organization for Migration.


The M’baye brothers join words and deeds to provide an opportunity to new talents. Through their label “Meurs Libre Prod”, they serve as producers to King Alasko, revelation of the Guinea Music Awards, currently recording his first album.

Banlieuz Art, Degg J Force 3, King Alasko and Tamsir
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique


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