Daby Touré

Biography :


Born into a family of musicians in Mauretania and raised in Senegal, Daby Touré has lived in Paris for more than a quarter-century, and he has performed all over the world. Straddling two worlds, this “Afropean” lays full claim to this dual nationality. A singer, composer and guitarist, he is a citizen of a world that is forever being reconfigured. Touré Touré, the group he founded in 1992 with his cousin Omar, marked an initial step in this desire to map out a bridge between Africa and elsewhere.


Though his father (Seta Touré) and his uncles formed the pioneering world music group Touré Kunda, Daby Touré has always followed his own musical path, with influences ranging from traditional African melodies to desert blues, jazz, pop, reggae, funk and soul. Marked by open-mindedness and a desire to explore, his captivating songs are apt to please fans of the great African stars such as Habib Koité and Youssou N’Dour along with adepts of Bob Marley, Paul Simon or Stevie Wonder.


A musical and linguistic polyglot, Touré creates an elegant mix of sound that blends the linguistic inflections of the six languages he speaks. His music is a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that, once assembled, form a complete world map. He builds bridges between cultures, crossing borders and giving life to a poetic language and a universal sound. He has shared stages and recorded in studios with some of the greats: pop star Peter Gabriel, Algerian singer-songwriter Souad Massi, Italian musician and singer Enzo Avitabile, African-American bluesman Skip McDonald and French stars Francis Cabrel and Maxime LeForestier, not to mention an Israeli-African collaboration with the Touré-Raichel Collective.


Daby Touré never fails to amaze his audiences with his delicate voice, his mastery of the guitar and his original and captivating songs. A great lyricist, a composer of accessible melodic games and an endearing performer and virtuoso guitarist, Daby Touré reaches deeply into listeners’ hearts with his open, unique musical style. “I was born in Africa,” he says. “And all the traditional music I drew upon as a child is still inside me and remains intact. But in my music, I’m always seeking and testing, always mixing genres. I’ve travelled a long way from the ‘folklore’ and ‘traditional’ music of my country.”


Daby Touré’s life experience and the various intercultural influences make his music hard to classify, and he finds this interesting. “I regard music as universal, whether it’s traditional or contemporary. If what I’m listening to sends chills down my spine, that’s all I need, whether I understand it or not. I can listen to something I’m unfamiliar with, but when it touches me, I really feel touched! I’m not going to ask myself, ‘Where does it come from? Is it world music?’ What differences does that make? None.”

Daby Touré
Mauritanie - Sénégal
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique
Folk africaine, blues du désert, jazz, pop, reggae, funk, soul


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