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Djazia Satour


Biography :

Djazia Satour was born and grew up in Algiers before settling in Grenoble in 1990. During her teenaged years, she sang in the choirs of Gwana Diffusion, with which she discovered studio work and touring life. Several years later, she became the lead singer of the group MIG, blending acoustic soul and electro trip-hop. She was noticed for her performances that transcended genres, and she showed her talent in opening acts for groups including Sinsémilia and The Cranberries.

She then embarked on a solo career, bringing together the musical influences of her homeland, chaâbi from the 1950s and sounds of the traditional bendirs, in warm compositions with banjo and mandola alongside basses and analogue keyboards. She self-produced the EP Klami in 2010 before recording an album titled Alwâne in 2014.

In English or in Algerian dialect, the singer addresses topics such as the passing of time, freedom and love. With freshness and authenticity, her powerful voice conveys these intimate and universal feelings, which take the form of hymns by means of melodies that skilfully blend tradition and innovation. Since 2016, Djazia Satour has devoted herself to writing a new album that can only be the confirmation of this raw talent.

Djazia Satour
France - Algérie


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