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Flavia Coelho


Biography :

Rio de Janeiro-born Flavia Coelho took hold of music as a teenager, taking her first steps on stage at age 14. Reggae, which she discovered as a child, is blended in her music with Brazilian beats and with traditional sounds of the Nordeste. After an initial European performance in 2002, she ended up settling in Paris in 2006. She began by singing in bars and in the metro before meeting producer Victor-Attila Vagh, who enabled her to record an initial album with Cameroonian musician Pierre Bika Bika. This album was not issued on a commercial label, but Flavia Coehlo stayed her course and continued to perform on stage. In 2011, she took top honours in the musical stepping-stone Génération Réservoir and signed a contract with independent label Discograph, enabling her to issue the album Bossa Muffin, reissued a year later with four additional songs. She then did the rounds of the festivals with her stage group. In 2014 came the release of her second album, Mundo Meu, produced by Victor Vagh and including collaborations with drummer Tony Allen and singer Patrice Bart-Williams. Flavia Coehlo has continued to provide the world with harmony through her music. Her third album, Sonho Real, released in 2016, is testimony to the transcendence of which she is capable. The melodies are danceable, and the tracks are an invitation to travel. Forro (a musical style from the Nordeste) is heard alongside ragga, ska and reggae. The sometimes melancholic lyrics (the famous saudade, or longing) and Flavia’s captivating voice are accompanied by an ensemble of brass instruments, guitars, keyboards, percussions, drums and accordion that resonate with remarkable coherence.

Flavia Coelho


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