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Génération Mauricana

Biography :


The musicians of the Herbu and Constance families joined in 1984 to form the group Mauricanas. Then it was Angelito Herbu, a son and nephew of Mauricanas founders, who took the group in hand in 2002. Living in Montréal since age 4, he renamed the group Génération Mauricana to mark their status as successors and to emphasize continuity with their elders. The composite name Mauricana is, of course, the assumed marriage of two countries, Mauritius and Canada, their country of origin, rich in traditions and in blending, and their host country.

The group features sega, the traditional musical genre of Mauritius. The musicians and singers of Génération Mauricana explore the sounds and variations of this folkloric music of African origin, nurtured by various influences and once a symbol of the gathering of the slaves. They sing of love, of joy and of the sorrows of existence. But sega is also dance music: a dance troupe has been added to the original group of musicians. The pleasure is not just one of sounds but also of sights, with the dancers’ swaying and shimmering motions.

Génération Mauricana
Île Maurice - Qc.
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique
Folklore mauricien


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