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Joyce N’Sana

Biography :


Joyce N’Sana likes to present herself as an “AfroBluHop” artist. This is a powerful musical style, enhanced by this young women’s various experiences.

As a child in Congo-Brazzaville, she accompanied her musician parents to church. There she trained her voice by singing gospel tunes. While still a teenager, she already wrote, composed and sang her own creations. Upon reaching adulthood, she left to study in France, making many visits on stage.

Arrival and encounters in Québec 

Joyce discovered Québec through Operation “Cégep en Spectacle,” in which she took part in 2009 and 2010. This young Congolese women took advantage to play, talk and work with Canadian artists. 

In 2011, she played at the “L’Afrique en fête” festival in Québec City and at the Montréal reggae festival in particular. She has performed regularly since then in Canada, especially in Québec. This year, Joyce N’ Sana took part in the 2013 Syli d’Or of world music, making it to the semi-final.

A lover of travel and discovery, she learns from all her experiences. This curiosity helps enhance her music and cultivate her talent day after day. Her music and her captivating voice, tinged with a soul flavour, is a blend of gospel, reggae and jazz, what she calls “AfroBluHop.” This style arose in the 2000s in the music of Waliyaan, an ensemble of Senegalese, Ivoirian, French and Portuguese musicians. It has been described as a “hybrid musical style anchored in its African roots,” an energy-filled blend matching Joyce’s personality. She sings in several languages: French (“Vanité”), English (“I do love you”), Creole and also Lari and Lingala, two languages spoken in Congo. 

Joyce N’ Sana is still in her early days, with a constant thirst for learning. This promising young singer travels the world, often performing in duos with other artists. She preaches unconditional love, self-esteem, pardoning and the strength to say no to evil and yes to good. She speaks of the realities of this world in her “ghetto roots” patois and multilingual puns. She urges balance, because she gives and receives. In her words, ”Deke-deke nsonso nkele ka yiyuluka ko” (“What is good always pays”). 



Joyce N’Sana
RD Congo / Québec
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