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Kabey konate


Biography :

Burkina Faso singer Kabey Konate was born in the northeast of Côte d’Ivoire. From early childhood, he was bathed in music, cradled to the songs of his griot mother, with his elder brother a percussionist. But dancing is what first put Kabey on stage. He drew attention at a dance competition in his home town, then at rap shows in high school. But his passion for music was not set side. In 2002, he recorded an initial demo in Abidjan. In 2005, due to civil war in Côte d’Ivoire, he continued his career in his country of origin, Burkina Faso. Thanks to the Kienou family, a great griot family in Ouagadougou, it did not take him long to carve out a place on the Burkina Faso musical scene. He became a percussionist, alongside his brother, Dramane Konate, and Madeni Kienou. He also accompanied artists including Bil Aka Kora, Irène Tassambedo and Luis Marques. With his experience at the national and international levels, he developed his own career as a singer, opting for a highly personal style blending world music, reggae and Mandinka sounds. In 2006, for the first time, he performed his songs as the opening act of a concert by Alpha Blondy. In 2010, he put out his first album, Douaou, the result of various collaborations. In 2014, there followed a maxi album, African Elections. And in December 2017, he launched his third album, Kele Massa, confirming his talent as a committed artist.

Kabey konate
Burkina Faso


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