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Keur Sénégal

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Keur Sénégal, created in 2017 by percussionist Fa Kaly Cissokho, is a trio that brings together the top Senegalese artists in Montréal. The group also includes singer Joe Mbaye and percussionist Sadio Cissokho.

Since 1992, Joe Mbaye’s prolific career has led him to sing with Baaba Maal, Youssou Ndour and Ismaël Lo, among other world-famous artists.

Kora player Sadio Cissokho is a descendant of a great family of Mandinka griots from Senegal, the Bannaya family. With the Okavango African Orchestra, he won a Juno Award in 2017 for best world music album. A versatile artist, he is a master of the kora and also plays the sabar, dundun, djembe and tama, and he is involved with many groups, not only as a percussionist but also as a singer.

In 2004, Sadio Cissokho, together with Trevor Ferrier, founded the group Sanza Percussion, featuring a repertory of West African music. In addition to his work with Sanza Percussion, he leads his own group, Djali Sadio Mandingue Moderne, focusing on his own compositions.

His brother, Fa Kaly Cissokho, is a master of West African percussions, including the djembe and the sabar. In March 2019, the Cissokho brothers issued an Afro-electro piece devoted to their father, Bana Cissokho, also a griot and kora player.

Keur Sénégal
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