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Biography :

Kon-Fusion makes you move to the sounds of cumbia, ska, funk, rock, all with its own voice! Ancestral and traditional rhythms blended to more modern grooves, instruments that transcend times, cultures and borders, socially implicated lyrics; all comes together creating a rich, solid and unique personality. Kon-Fusion?s own. Kon-Fusion spruced in 2012, in Montreal, pulling together three Chileans, two still take part in the ensemble, and during the year of 2014, the project took shape, developing its style and integrating other musicians. The lyrics, majority of which are in Spanish, call to open our minds, and to cultivate our critical thinking, regarding malignant social institutions. Accompanying Kon-Fusion?s extraverted and rebel personality, is a music thought, elaborated, and delivered with the intention of giving a memorable experience to the public. Armed with a recording and strong of dozens of performances, Kon-Fusion is ready to make its colors explode wherever Kon-Fusion will go.

Syli d'Or
Cumbia, ska


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