La Pirogue

Biography :


La Pirogue is a vessel carrying four artists whose hearts beat to the rhythms of Malian, Colombian and Réunion folklore.

La Pirogue (from a French word meaning “dugout canoe”) presents captivating and energizing concerts with a blend of compositions and traditional pieces in Bambara, French, Spanish and Creole. A journey to the heart of an open, multicultural world!

The 2014 winner of a Canadian Folk Music Award and of an Independent Music Award in the U.S. for the album Les frontières imaginaires, composed and recorded in Mali, Romain Malagnoux has conducted a number of co-creation projects in collaboration with Colombian and African artists. Last year, in the course of an international tour (France, Colombia and El Salvador), he performed as a duo with charismatic singer Brenda Diaz (Barranquilla, Colombia) at the Alliance Française in El Salvador.

Back in Québec, where they live, they met Réunion multi-instrumentalist Zilien Biret, a member of the Gipsy Kumbia Orchestra, who composes and sings in Creole in the maloya style typical of Réunion. His love of folk music has led to travels in Guinea, Mali, Colombia and Eastern Europe, where he learned to play the Peul flute, the gâta (a Colombian flute) and the clarinet, to the beat set by the fine percussions of Dominique Sherman.


The recipient of the 2019 Syli d’Argent of world music, La Pirogue will open the Salif Keita concert on July 11 and will close the Festival at the Club Balattou on July 21.

La Pirogue
Mali - Colombie - Île de la Réunion - Qc.
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique
Folklores maliens, colombiens, réunionnais


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