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Poirier, Mr. Touré! with coco.em

Biography :


Montréal nights have become all the hotter since DJ Poirier began disseminating his tropical beats. First on the Université de Montréal student radio station (CISM) in the 1990s, then at clubs in Montréal and elsewhere, DJ Poirier has got the world’s festival-goers dancing, whether in Montreux (Switzerland), at Big Day Out (Australia) or at SONAR in Barcelona. Recognized for his creativity and eclecticism, Poirier has worked for years with Canadian talents of varied origins, among them Boogat, Face-T, Bonjay or Imposs and Samito, of Mexican, Haitian and Mozambican origins.

Poirier made himself noticed with the release of his first minimal electro creation using an old PC, leading him to technical feats. His second release, Sous le manguier, in 2002, showed his interest in African instruments such as the mbira (also called the kalimba) and the balafon. In 2006, he was signed up by the mythical British label Ninja Tune (Amon Tobin, Coldcut and Cinematic Orchestra). He then turned to dancehall in the album No Ground Under (2007) and collaborated with singers Face-T and MC Zulu. Since 2005, Poirier has enlivened Montréal night life with his monthly events focusing on tropical beats, hip-hop and electro: Bounce le Gros, then Run the Riddim, Soca Sound System, Karnival and, more recently, the Qualité Deluxe events with his partners DJ Mr. Touré! and Kyou. DJ Poirier anticipated the wave of interest in African and Caribbean beats and sounds and has explored tropical destinations for the last 20 years. He is just back from a tour of Cape Verde and Senegal, where he discovered electro-sabar and created bridges between Dakar and Montréal.

Mr. Touré! was long known by the name DJ Sagewondah. Since 2003, he has spun the turntables to get his favourites discovered and to convey his contagious energy to the crowd. He also became noticed in The French Connection DJs collective and The Crew Tones. Starting in 2009, his concerts abroad have proliferated, from Cuba to Japan and including the United States. In the last few years, he has worked on a series of remixes under the new pseudonym Mr. Touré! to reinvent himself and to develop a new artistic direction. Blending coupé décalé, Afro-house and deep house, and connecting world beats and electronic music, he has the desire to create a mixed and unifying sound.


Emma Nzioka, alias DJ coco.em, specializes in hip-hop old and new school and in Afro-electronic, Afro-house, kuduro and lingala (Congolese rumba) experimental sounds. Her eclectic selections immerse us in the fresh sounds coming from Africa and have earned her performances at prestigious festivals such as Afropunk Johannesburg, Nyege Nyege, Boiler Room’s True Music Africa and Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM show. She is also a multidisciplinary artist devoted to photography and documentary filmmaking, with training in Malaysia and Kenya. She dreams of setting up a channel carrying documentary films made by and for Africans.

This all made it logical for DJ Poirier and his partner Mr. Touré! to be the ones welcoming coco.em, Kenya’s top DJ, to their Montréal domain. Mr. Touré!’s coupé décalé, Afro-house and deep house and Poirier’s latest gems will mix with the Afro cocktail of kuduro, hip-hop and Congolese beats from the Nairobi DJ, linked by electronic beats and magnetic percussions.


Le Maquis
Qc. - Kenya
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique


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