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Lengaïa Salsa Brava

Biography :


Lengaïa Salsa Brava is an 11-musician Montréal band created in 2012 by French Guiana-born trombonist Giany Huyghues-Despointes. Lengaïa NG has moved to the peaks of New York and Puerto Rican salsa with its own arrangements and compositions. Its orchestral format of three trombones and one baritone saxophone gives it a sound colour that is unique in its power and harmony.


Reflecting its Montréal birthplace, the members of Lengaïa come from various ethnic communities, bringing Colombia, Venezuela, Québec, Spain, Peru and French Guiana alongside one another.


Lengaïa has accompanied various international salsa artists, including Yoko Mimata, Ismael Rivera Jr., Fania All Stars vocalist Ismael Miranda and Puerto Rican trombonist Jimmy Bosch. Lengaïa won two Canada Latin Awards in the “Salsa Group of the Year” category in 2017 and again in 2018.


In February 2018, Lengaïa Salsa Brava brought out its first album, Impacto, with nine original tracks, recorded and mixed by DJ and sound engineer Ricky Campanelli, manager of the SoundTrips studio in Montréal and 2011 Latin Grammy Awards nominee.


Early in 2019, Lengaïa Salsa Brava announced the imminent release of Gold Diggers, its new musical offering that will take the form of an EP. The 11-musician band firmly maintains its positioning in the salsa dura segment, with original compositions that are bold, aggressive and innovative. As regards musical production, Lengaïa has brought in some of the top people. In addition to Jimmy Bosch on production, the band has again worked with Ricky Campanelli for the mixing of Gold Diggers.


“Epiphany Tour,” the new show by Lengaïa Salsa Brava, is an explosion of sound in pure salsa dura tradition. The roaring of the trombones blends with the depth of the baritone saxophone, the aggressiveness of the percussions and the versatility of two powerful voices. This series of concerts to celebrate the album’s release will bring the Lengaïa band onto several Canadian stages and will end with a tour in Colombia.

Lengaïa Salsa Brava
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