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Biography :

Naâman grew up in Dieppe, in northern France, with parents who both had a great love of music. He took his first steps as a singer during his teenage years with the group he founded with several friends. It was after his studies that he decided to devote himself solely to his passion for music. He then collaborated with various artists: General I & Randy Killah, with whom he formed the Deep Town Family, the Lion FreeCaency sound, beat-maker and musician IncutProd, and later Tracks8prod and the Young Kah group.

In 2011, an encounter with beat-maker Fatbabs marked a turning point. The following year, they produced together the compilation Deep Rockers, which drew immediate critical praise in France. After a series of concerts and a trip to Jamaica, during which he worked on his reggae touches and was accompanied by specialists including Sam Clayton, Dalton Browne and Sly Dunbar, Naâman put out his first album in 2013, Deep Rockers, Back a Yard. He then set off on a tour and became “revelation of the year” at the Victoires du Reggae.

Despite a series of shows and travels, Naâman founded the time to record an EP titled Know Yourself in 2015 and then his second album, Rays of Resistance. As a committed artist, the singer has also helped organize charity concerts, as he did, for example, for Nepal when the country was hit by an earthquake, or to support the cause of African women workers in Lebanon. In 2017, he became patron of a support group for dyslexic children.

In 2017, he brought out his third album, Beyond, a work of maturity, with Naâman further advancing his musical statements. Reggae and hip hop blend with soul, Latin sounds and Caribbean beats. Through this eclecticism, the artist shares his life philosophy, conveying his emotions with authenticity and generosity. Naâman collaborated on this album with Jamaican legend Toots and the Maytals. As with his previous album, he won the Reggae French Touch Album of the Year award at the Victoires du Reggae. Following this success, Naâman created his own label, Big Scoop Records, with his beat-maker Fatbabs and his manager Peter Lb in his native Normandy.



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