Biography :

Oktopus is eight talented musicians, eight different instruments and eight unique approaches to music, coming together to give birth to a single project. Through an eclectic instrumentation inspired by the klezmer tradition, the group revisits various styles of Eastern Europe. It all started in 2009 when Gabriel, the clarinetist, is taken by an insatiable desire to fulfill an old dream: to form a band and play festive music to share it with anyone who will listen. He then begins work on the stain to create arrangements that could be played by eight musicians: flute, violin, trumpet, trombone, tuba. piano, percussion and clarinet. On stage, the band composed with a wide range of emotions from a more festive register to another more melancholy. These mood changes are accompanied by a caravan journey between Russia and Bulgaria, through Israel and the North African regions.

Europe de l'Est


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