Paul Beaubrun

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Born into a family of artists in Port-au-Prince, Paul Beaubrun was predestined for a career in music. His parents, Manzè and Lòlò, were the singers in the roots musical group Boukman Eksperyans, whose album Vodjou Adje was a hit in the United States, even being nominated for a Grammy Award in 1991.

After his early days in Haiti in 2006 with his reggae roots group Zing Eksperyans and numerous tours with his parents, the singer and guitarist nicknamed T-Paul had to flee Haiti due to political instability and violence in Port-au-Prince. He moved in with his aunt in New York, where he pursued his career in music as well as in social struggles.

He joined the organization Artists for Peace and Justice (APJ), becoming an important link in their mission for justice and peace in the world. He is currently collaborating with Jackson Browne and several other artists, among them Jon Russell (The Head and the Heart), Jonathan Wilson, Habib Koite, Jenny Lewis and Raul Rodriguez, on an album for APJ.

In the United States and Canada, the singer with his long dreadlocks performs with well known artists including Lauryn Hill, Maxwell and Arcade Fire. In 2011, Paul Beaubrun received a prestigious UNESCO-Aschberg residence bursary in Montréal, where he took part in the Festival de Musique Multi-Montréal. He launched his first album, Haiti Project, in 2012 with his group Zing Experience. His second album, Vilnerab, came out in 2015 and soon topped the charts in the world music category on iTunes.

Nearly 30 years after Boukman Eksperyans, it was the turn of T-Paul Beaubrun to be nominated for a Grammy Award for his third album, Ayibobo, in the “best world music album” category. Released in May 2018 on the American label Ropeadope Records, Ayibobo is a tribute to his mother and to the resilience of his native country despite its many hardships. He recounts his experiences in the United States after leaving Haiti at age 17. The album’s title means blessing; it is a message of welcome and protection.

The album has 11 tracks sung in Creole, French and English, moving between rock, blues, soul and reggae, but always with a roots approach. Cuban singer Yilian Canizares is featured in the song “Marasa Elou.” With Ayibobo, Paul Beaubrun expresses his love and gratitude for his country and his community.


Paul Beaubrun
Festival International Nuits d'Afrique
Blues, jazz, reggae, soul, R&B


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