Raices, Cana y Son

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Raices, Caña y Son, literally “Roots, Sugarcane and Son,” arose in the minds of a group of Montréal musicians, all lovers of Colombian musical styles. From the cumbia of the Atlantic coast to the bambuco in the centre of the country, from the currulao of the Pacific coast to the joropo of the agricultural plains, these styles are all part of the Colombian musical landscape and inspired the members of Raices, Caña y Son, which bring these many influences together, mix them, blend them and arrange them with great talent.


A range of origins and influences

The group is particularly eclectic. Its eight members are from Colombia, Haiti and Québec: Adrian Manrique on Colombian tiple, Medad Ernest on piano, Latief Valencia on bandola, tiple and requinto, Alexandre Brault, the musical director, on guitar, Emilia Córdoba on vocals, Olivier Caron on bass and Maksum González on percussions.

Drawing its energy and richness from the variety of Colombian sounds and beats, from Amerinidian, European and African origins, the music of Raices, Caña y Son takes pleasure in mixing traditional and contemporary arrangements.

As evidence that these eight musicians delight audiences, they reached the final in the 2013 Syli d’or of world music and won the Syli d’Argent. This is hardly a surprise: their shows are invitations to dance and to travel across the South American continent. Their music sometimes leaps beyond Colombia boundaries and moves around the continent, straying into milonga (Argentina), samba (Brazil) or salsa (Puerto Rico). 

This is a great escape, to the sound of the warm voice of Emilia Córdoba, sometimes accompanied on stage by dancers from the Ballets Raices de Colombia. A multidisciplinary project blending dance and Andean folkloric music is currently taking shape with them.


Raices, Cana y Son
Colombie / Québec
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