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Biography :

Although born in Senegal, Tété did not stay there long, moving to France at age 2 following his parents’ divorce. His mother listened to the Beatles, Bob Dylan and jazz classics, conveying to him a taste for music. Tété began learning the violin as a child before discovering the guitar at age 15, a time when he also listened to plenty of hip hop. He began playing with friends and wrote his first compositions, drawing inspiration from artists as varied as Dylan, Hendrix, Marley and Gainsbourg. He soon decided to live off his music and went on stage at bars in his region. In the late 1990s, he left for Paris and put together a group with two friends, Alberto Malo on drums and Evy Moon on bass. They were soon discovered by record labels and signed a contract with Sony/Epic. Following an early demo and a four-track CD, Préambule, hailed by the press, an initial album, L’air de rien, was released in early 2001. Blending blues, pop and soul, Tété also became known for his talent as a lyricist. Over the following years, Tété gave a string of concerts and recorded a live album, Par monts et vallons, accompanied only by his acoustic guitar. He returned to the studio in 2004 and recorded À la faveur de l’automne, confirming his writing and singing talent and earning a nomination for “revelation album of the year” at the Victoires de la musique. The album was acclaimed by the public and by critics. This was repeated two years later with his third opus, Le sacre des Lemmings et autres contes de la lisière, devised as a collection of fables, with a blend of tracks involving intimate topics and others of a more committed nature. After participating in a television documentary on the show Tété ou Dédé? (France 5), which sent him across the United States to meet musicians and explain the origins of each musical style, he recorded an album in Portland. Le premier clair de l’aube, very sober and leaning to blues and folk, was released in 2010. There followed Nu là-bas in 2013 and Les chroniques de Pierrot lunaire, his latest album, in 2016, composed as a theatrical work with acts and interludes. Since then, Tété has continued to work with other artists, including Leeroy and Fréro Delavega, and to visit various concert halls, to our delight!

France - Sénégal


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