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The PepTides


Biography :

The PepTides consist of nine members whose distinct sounds move beyond the limits of pop. The five vocalists and four instrumentalists draw their inspiration from funk and electronic, and even from disco. The members are Claude Marquis (vocals, lyrics), DeeDee Butters (vocals), Dale Waterman (vocals), Rebecca Noelle (vocals), Olexandra Pruchnicky (vocals), Scott Irving (keyboard), Juan Miguel Gomez Montant (guitar), Andrew Burns (bass) and Alexandre Wickham (drums, percussions). A true cultural kaleidoscope, a rainbow community, forms the group: guys, gals, gays, heteros, Anglos and Francos, whites and blacks, and diverse origins including Ukrainian, Mexican, Cree, Guyanese, Acadian, Armenian, Scottish and Québécois. The extravagant performances, with their intertwining of rich vocal harmonies, tight choreography and visual effects, quickly had the effect of surprising and conquering audiences. The social and personal commentary in the group’s songs abrade and surprise with the scope of the themes that are explored: love, hate, vengeance, sex, religion, war and even the rituals preceding a new date. In 2010, their album For Those Who Hate Human Interaction was named best album of the year by the citizens of Ottawa. The group became noticed nationally in 2012 with the production of an album in collaboration with Stuart McLean of CBC Radio’s “Vinyl Café,” with extracts played in the recording of a special 20th anniversary show. When it hit the racks, Revenge of the Vinyl Café (inspired by the book by Stuart McLean) earned abundant acclaim. The PepTides, released in 2016, includes new studio recordings of tracks the group loves to perform live. In 2017, the group was named “Ottawa’s Best Band” on the cover of Ottawa Life magazine.

The PepTides


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