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The Resojets


Biography :

The birth of the Resojets was due to a love of the movement, rhythm and harmonies found in Jamaican rocksteady, a musical style tailored to the open spaces and dark corners of dance floors. Formed in 2008, the Resojets of Montréal consist of Anurag Dhir (vocals, percussions), Dan Ellison (drums, vocals) Derek Skeie (guitar, vocals), Marc-André Caron (guitar, vocals) and Sean Scanlan (bass). The members of the Resojets together have more than two decades’ experience in musical shows in styles as varied as country, alternative music, blues, jazz, klezmer and rock. They are united in their love of the musical genre where rhythms and melodies meet: rocksteady.

Inspired by the popular music of the 1960s, R&B, jazz and ska, as well as by African and Latin beats, rocksteady is a musical genre that had its moment of glory in the middle of that decade, succeeding ska and preceding Rastafarian-influenced reggae. The Resojets also draw inspiration from the nostalgic tradition of country and of good old foot-tapping punk rock. As shown in their 2014 mini-album, SoundInsurance, produced by John Wilson (Meat Beat Manifesto, Supreme Love Gods), the Resojets create compositions that compare in all humility with the sound system classics of that era. Head over to the dance floor, surrender to the trance and take off with the Resojets

The Resojets


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