WorldWild Sound System

Biography :


WorldWild Sound System, among the first dub sound systems active in Québec, is the creation of Montrealers Pierre and Guillaume. With their passion for music from around the world, they collect vinyl discs, especially of African and tropical music such as cumbia, reggae and dub, from the 1960s to the present.

Inspired by Jamaican sound systems, a sort of mobile discothèque set up in the street, they build their own loudspeaker systems and bring their collections of original vinyl discs to festivals and events in North America and Europe. WorldWild Sound System is part of a global movement for the dissemination of African beats and Latin or tropical auras that inspire the top DJs. WorldWild Sound System’s approach favours a true north-south dialogue through music in a spirit of togetherness, applying a simple process: collect, blend, mix, remix, get people dancing and then take them on a journey!

WorldWild Sound System
France - Qc.
Nuits d'Afrique - Year long shows
World, reggae, dub


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