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Biography :

Following his debut on Morocco’s hip hop and reggae scenes in the 2000s as an MC and beatmaker, Houssine Saik, a musician, composer and performer chose to study music in Canada, settling in Montréal in 2006. He focused first on composing electronic music with Arab and Oriental sounds. In 2009 he brought out his first EP, Fast-Food, under the name Casa Del Tarabe, an initial experience that enabled him to define his musical identity and to experiment in the fusion of various musical genres. In 2011, he founded the YUDA project as a rapper and singer with Montréal-based Moroccan raï reggae pioneer, Badr Belhachemi from the Moroccan group DARGA. They recorded two tracks, “Wa chef” and “Democrazy.” While continuing to work on his personal compositions and to hone his musical aesthetic, he formed the Band Wagna in 2015. This Gnawa electro ensemble performed in various world music festivals in Montréal, including the Festival de musique du Maghreb, evening shows at Nuits d’Afrique, the Festival Orientalys and the Festival du Monde Arabe. In 2016, he worked with DJ HAB, a Montréal DJ, on an instrumental album, an EP titled Edesse Electronic Arabic Beats. In 2017, je joined the group Rebel Moon and performed at the Vitrines locales métissées and Mundial Montréal. With several years’ experience in music and creation and about 20 shows, Wu-sen has surrounded himself with talent musicians including Arthur Evenard on keyboard, Fanny D. on vocals and back vocals, Yassine Boudouch on jazz guitar and gombri, and Ismael Iraki on drums, with whom he is working on a world music solo album in jazz-flavoured hip hop format blended with traditional sounds.

Wu-Sen Family
Maroc - QC


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