Biography :

Yaya, whose real name is Yasmine Seck, was born in Montréal to a Canadian mother and a father from Senegal. Growing up in Montréal, she tried all sorts of things, from photography to artistic direction to event planning before focusing on becoming a self-taught DJ. Mixing genres and crossing her African roots with her passions for lo-fi electronic sounds, she enjoys engaging her audiences in unexplored areas. When she founded Obsolete Collective with several partners, there was a common desire to provide a platform for female DJs on a mostly male underground music scene with an emphasis on techno and house. The idea was to feature other identities and other cultures. Obsolete Collective advocates sexual and artistic diversity, making room for women, LGBTQs and visible minorities on the music scene. As DJs, they seek to provide to others the opportunities that they themselves have been fortunate to have.



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