Zalama Crew


Biography :

Zalama Crew is an artists’ collective from Cali, in Colombia’s Cauca Valley. The group was formed in 2008 with DJ Cronic, VJ Paul Dub, Frank on guitar, Álvaro on drums, Andrés on bass, Ana on flute and MCs Dr. Rata, Maik Cel and Osound. They have invented their own urban musical style, experimenting with various genres: from traditional Colombian sounds to hip hop and including jazz, bossa nova, funk, reggae and drum & bass, Zalama Crew’s music is a wacky and explosive cocktail. They have drawn inspiration from the likes of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Bob Marley and Blondie as well as from many artists in their country’s musical tradition. Their debut album, Ecos del Ghetto, was released in 2010, followed a year later by a new work, Zalamalekum. They performed as an opening act for Manu Chao in Cali, and then worked with Sergent Garcia on the EP Calentura Mi Son. In 2014, they even contributed to the sound track of the film “Los Hongos” (Oscar Ruiz Navia), set in their city. The group came gradually to stand out as an ambassador of Colombia’s musical and cultural diversity. The group recorded new albums in the years that followed: Everyday Fight in 2013, La Bulla in 2015 and Destrampe Hot Places in 2016. The single No Tan Listos was finally released in 2017. In addition to pursuing a promising musical career, they became involved in their city’s social life. Through their association Zalama Producciones, they promote urban culture and help young people make music and become integrated in working life.

Zalama Crew
Maroc - QC


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