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Country: Mali - Qc.
Musical style:
Grande Scène TD Radio-Canada
Parterre du Quartier des spectacles (coin St-Urbain / de Maisonneuve)
Date: 07/21/2019
Time: 17:00
Price: Free


His 15-string instrument, which he calls the “bahouinou” (the strings of a man), a cross between the kora and the n’goni, was crafted by EMDE with his own hands. The Mandinka blues he draws from it perfectly highlight the gentle voice of this young griot, a Bwa descendant. A percussionist as well, he is just as deft with the tamani, djembé, dunduns, calabash, karinyan, filen and yabara. A musical experience that immerses you in the heart of Mali.


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