Country: Cuba - ON
Rythmes au Féminin
SCÈNE LOTO-QUÉBEC de l'Esplanade
Esplanade Tranquille (Ste-Catherine/St-Urbain)
Date: 07/19/2022
Time: 19:00
Price: FREE


Rythmes au Féminin series


“Cuban music is very rich and it has a lot of things to offer, not only salsa, reggaeton, or traditional Cuban music.” This belief is what has guided the artistic journey of Elizabeth Rodriguez, virtuoso violinist, and Magdelys Savigne, percussionist, both founding members of Okan. To keep the Afro-Cuban culture alive and ensure that such styles as Pilón, Danzón and Música Guajira don’t fall by the wayside, they are breathing new life into these musical genres by introducing sublime arrangements that combine the rich accents of Caribbean, African, flamenco, bolero, salsa, Latin jazz and classical music. Their latest album, Espiral, won a Juno for World Music Album of the Year.