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WorldWild Sound System invite Mungo's Hi Fi

Country: France - Qc.
Musical style:
Série Nuits d'Afrique Sound System presents by CISM
Le Ministère
4521 Boul St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2T 1R2
Date: 07/20/2019
Time: 22:00
Price: 18$

WorldWild Sound System invite Mungo's Hi Fi









Thanks to sound systems, veritable Jamaican-style portable discothèques, the street has become a dance floor. WorldWild Sound System and Mungo’s Hi Fi are part of this tradition, democratizing world beat. Both totally vintage and entirely modern, the sounds of these two precursor collectives, from either side of the Atlantic, are crafted from world, reggae and dub anthology tunes. “A physical sensation for a strong immersive experience, with amplified sound vibrations,” WorldWild Sound System reckons.


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