Noubi Trio

Couleur Terre

Noubi Trio

Couleur Terre

Album Artiste

Noubi Trio, 3 musicians, 3 faces with rich colors of the soil that form one single face with its multiple facets, without distinction. Like an authentic and unique music that reaches universality and gives a confident look about a serene incoming world.


Couleur Terre, the first album of Noubi, points to an union of nations with distinction of origin, sex, color of religion. A vital unity for a better world.



Tracks list:

1. Djan Djan

2. Patience

3. Goné

4. Couleur Terre

5. Deukendo feat Bia Krieger

6. Mamadou

7. Sourire feat Mamselle Ruiz

8. Afiah

9. Nanela

10. Djourouma

11. St-Louis

12. Légui

13. Niody

14. Touky


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