Productions Nuits d’Afrique has been committed to the humanistic values of EQUITY, SOLIDARITY and SHARING through all its activities since 1987. Aware that a healthy environment is essential for the development of its values, the team commits to reducing the Festival’s ecological print every year.


A commitment supported by our sponsor RECYC-QUÉBEC




 As an eco friendly festivalgoer :   




| Get there easily either by foot, by bicycle or using public transportation.
View the Festival locations and learn about the benefits of transportation through our touristic partners.

| Bring a reusable water bottle, self-serve water fountains are available on the Festival grounds.

| Sort out with care your waste, at the 2 RECYC-QUÉBEC sorting stations
Recyclables, compostables, throwaways, cans, butts, liquids? Our green crew will be there to assist you and help you make sense of it all!
Our 2 sorting stations are accessible at the outdoor site.

| Because the best waste is the one you don’t produce, all your cleaned reusable packaging will be accepted at the bars and restaurants.

| Avoid printing your tickets and present them through your smartphone as you enter the event.

| Share the promo tools from the Festival with your friends and family or recycle them at the end of their use.










Amongst the environmental actions of the Festival : 






💚 Our rewards 









Be involved in the process, as a sponsor, partner, provider or volunteer.

Contact: info@festivalnuitsdafrique.com