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Kissima Diabaté

Country: Sénégal
Musical style:
Grande Scène TD Radio-Canada
Parterre du Quartier des spectacles (coin St-Urbain / de Maisonneuve)
Date: 07/20/2019
Time: 14:00
Price: Free

Kissima Diabaté

They are often dubbed the Rastas of Senegal. The Baye Fall movement takes a positive outlook of the world and of human beings. And they express this vision of life in music and dance. As sincere as he is energetic (which is saying something!), Kissima Diabaté, a griot and former member of the Ballet national du Sénégal, is a talented multi-instrumentalist who gives his kora, balafon and many percussions a resonance moving between reggae and Afro-funk.


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