Disques Nuits d'Afrique

The world music label since 1999. Stay tuned! The Label Disques Nuits d’Afrique reveals to you, throughout the year, new releases of albums, compilations and singles.



KIZABA - Tu aimes danser

With Tu aimes danser, Kizaba crosses oceans to celebrate two cultures dancing together from Kinshasa to Montreal for a holiday season dressed up like never before!

CHEIKH IBRA FAM - Ayitaria, ft Cheikh Lô

AYITARIA, which means "come" in Bambara language, is a call to dance and party! Discover now this track in duet with Cheikh Lô!

Retrospective Compilation 35 years

In celebration of its 35th anniversary, Nuits d’Afrique has put together a three-volume compilation, a retrospective of over three decades of world music in Montreal.

QUEEN OMEGA - Stars Align

FROM CALYPSO TO REGGAE – A BRIDGE BETWEEN TRADITION AND MODERNITY. ''Stars Align'', a New EP from Queen Omega ! A musical journey to Trinidad and Tobago, a sweet blend between Dancehall and Africa

BO DIAW - Jambaar

Bo Diaw presents the first eponymous single from his upcoming debut album Jambaar. This joyful uptempo track features modern afro pop rhythms is written as a hymn of resilience.

KIZABA- Naturelle (ft Vox Sambou)

On ”Naturelle,” an Afro-pop ode to natural beauty, Kizaba and Vox Sambou offer an Afro-Pop ode to natural beauty, African femininity, and simplicity.

Mini-Docu / DONALD DOGBO - Album Coubli

The album Coubli puts forward the meeting of jazz and several traditional African rhythms resulting in a wonderful Afro-Jazz fusion ...


NUMBER ONE - Queen Omega (ft Stonebwoy)

Stonebwoy collaborates with the Reggae-Dancehall queen from Trinidad and Tobago Queen Omega to deliver Number One. A great blend of Dancehall and Afrobeat.

THE FUTURE - Cheikh Ibra Fam

Sung as a duet with maestro Balla Sidibé of the legendary Senegalese group Orchestra Baobab, ‘The Future’ is the last song the artist recorded before his death a few days later.


Each year, the Festival International Nuits d’Afrique offers to music lovers from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America a compilation that highlights the leading artists of its program.

LAVI TI NEG - Ronald Lebeau & Kwaliti

After the success of the first single Montreal City of Dreams, the two singers return this time with a militant and committed track.

SOSO - Kizaba

Écrit et composé par Lionel Kizaba, Soso (poulet en lingala) est une chanson estivale mid tempo contagieuse qui regorge de mélodies accrocheuses et d’inflexions funky.

YOLELE - Cheikh Ibra Fam

Cheikh Ibra Fam releases his very first single ‘Yolele’ in his own name. The single, accompanied by a music video shot in Senegal, on Gorée Island.


This single emerged out of a creative residency organized by Guadeloupe Electronik Groove and breaks new ground by combining modern sounds with ancestral rhythms to create a fusion that they call Elec

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